How To Edit Photos On The iPhone 5, 4s and 4

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The iPhone 5, 4s and 4 all are all equipped with photo editing features. You can crop your photos, enhance them, flip them around and even magically remove red eye. Below is the full instructions and video tutorial on how to edit photos on the iPhone 5, 4s and 4.

Video Tutorial: How To Edit Photos On The iPhone 5, 4s and 4

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To access your photo editor you need to open the photos app and select a photo. Once you select a photo you will see an edit tab at the top right. Tapping edit will take you into the iPhones photo editing software. At the bottom of the screen your now prompted with some tabs that can either crop, rotate, enhance and remove red eye.

Crop – This setting will allow you to select a portion of the image you like and cut out the rest
Rotate – This setting allows you to rotate the image in various angles
Auto-Enhance – This setting will enhance your photo by adding fuller colour and lighting to your photo
Red Eye – This setting allows you to tap on a person who has red eye from the camera and remove it

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    1. Admin Post author

      If you have saved the photo already you basically have to edit the edited image and manually crop it back to its original size etc.

    1. Admin Post author

      The way it works is that when you edit the photo you see it the way you edited. If you want to revert back to it’s original format you have to go back into “edit” and select revert.

    1. Admin Post author

      I am not sure what you mean. Is the phone frozen? If so, try a hard reset of the phone by pressing and holding the power and home button together until it powers off and restarts.


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