How To Install Apps On The iPhone 5, 4s and 4

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The Apple app store is one of the coolest abilities the iPhone has. Installing apps is very much the same as it was in previous generation iPhones. The only difference you might see is the iOS version but the process should be the same. Below if the full instructions on how to install apps on the iPhone 5, 4s and 4.

Here are the full video instructions on how to install apps on the iPhone 5, 4s and 4

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Instructions: How To Install Apps on the iPhone 5, 4s and 4
Before you can install any apps in the app store you need to create an Apple ID. To set up your Apple ID simply go to This is free to set up and will allow you to download any app in the app store.

  1. Tap on the App store app
  2. Find and tap on the app you want to install
  3. At the top right of the screen tap the “install” tab
    Note: If you are trying to install a paid app it will show the price rather then install
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password if prompted and tap “OK”

Your app will begin installing on your phone and once it is complete you can use the app

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