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Since Apple released the first iPhone battery trouble has been it’s only real down fall. Now, to the credit of Apple they have been working on the issues and have been improving. In this post we will be going through the best ways you can address the iPhone 5 battery issues. We will also show you how to save battery life on your iPhone 5. Many of these battery saving tips can be used with the iPhone 4s and 4.

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Battery Saving Tips: How To Save Battery Life iPhone 5

Most of the battery saving tips will be accessed in your settings tab, so we will begin with some simple setting changes.

Bluetooth/Wifi – Turn off wifi and bluetooth when your not using them

Brightness – Lower the screen brightness and turn on the auto-brightness to reduce the power the iPhone uses to light the screen

General > Siri – Turn Siri off whenever possible. Unfortunately Siri is known to decrease battery percentage when on

Do Not Disturb – Turn off the “Do Not Disturb” setting

General > Auto-Lock – Set your phones auto lock to as low as you can. I recommend one minute incase you leave your phone screen on

Privacy – Limit the amount of apps that use the location services. Location services access your GPS to locate where you are and this is known to drain the iPhones batter faster.

Sounds – Turn off all vibrate options. The vibrate feature uses a lot of power and if your receiving a lot of messages or calls your battery will be drained in no time.

Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Push – Turn push notifications off and set it to manually. If you need to be notified consistently of new emails then set it to push every 30 minutes or better every hour.

Another thing to consider with the iPhone 5 battery issues is your connection strength. If your 3g or LTE connection is 3 bars or lower it seems to drain the battery a lot faster. Hopefully some of the battery issues will be fixed in a further iOS update.

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